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Have you gotten tired of guilds that are so big that you don't get to raid? Have you been ignored when you asked for help in your guild? If you have then maybe you should look into a smaller guild. May Contain Nutz has one 10 man raid going with a couple pugs. We go out of our way to help each other because we have been friends for years now and like working together. If you are looking to find a guild of friends, or even a group of people that almost seem like a family of sorts then maybe this is where you belong. We don't tolerate drama, or loot whoring, ninjaing or things that would be frowned upon in normal society. If you can't treat other people properly then you are not going to fit in here. We are adults and have adult senses of humor, as well as being rather crude, rude and obnoxious when the mood strikes us, however we do not treat each other badly and try to show the same respect for those outside our guild as well. So if you want to give us a try we are small right now and still working on building to raid levels but we are all friendly and willing to work with people.

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